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Word press is the new age web development tool surpassing the other development platform

What is Word Press?

Word press is an online medium for the building of sites. This instrument runs on PHP. The Word Press benefits a brilliant and simple to utilize CMS that empowers the site content administration smooth. Normal websites have been over shadowed with the advent of word press and while a comparison is made between Word press website VS Normal Static Website word press offers an ease in the site making that other platform can’t provide. Word press is an exceptionally proficient device for the making of the sites. Furthermore, the web development at Word Press comes at shabby costs. Word press permits the building of sites at negligible difficulties. Word press permits a wide assortment of layouts that one can look over to create intriguing and brilliant web outlines.

Benefits of Word Press over an ordinary site

Paralleling Word press website VS Normal Static Website, the functionality offered by Word Press outstand.

  • Easy usages: Word Press is an intelligent instrument that would, direct and help a novice to manufacture an expert website. In the event that you plan to get the site designed and created by a professional, you won't need to depend on them for the content administration. Though in a general site it is important to know the specialized angles to create and outline a site furthermore you need to depend on the professionals for the most part for the changes and the updates of the web content.
  • SEO benefits: Word Press sites permit to include SEO plugging and network community sharing devices by your own. For a site, the optimization is one of the crucial parts. Well in Word Press these things desire free and convenient.
  • Mobile friendly: The Word Press sites are proactively mobile friendly. There is a rundown of themes and templates that you can browse to get the website working most effortlessly in a handheld gadget.
  • Feedback linking: Word Press allows the comments and the posts options to be added easily which is a tedious task to be done in normal HTML websites.
  • Multiple accessibility: Another feature that Word Press eases the user is with the option of adding multiple authors and access level possibilities. This let the owner of the website to outsource the up gradation of the content at different levels while keeping the overall control limited to the owner.
  • Google preferences: Google gives an additional consideration regarding a Word Press site that makes the optimization of the site simple.


One of the advantages of normal website which should not to be overlooked.

While comparing the Word press website VS Normal Static Website one thing is a must to be highlighted. From the viewpoint of security of the normal websites strong and can be customized in a very powerful way so that the hackers can’t break into. While making a website that deals with the financial transactions, the normal HTML websites can be given a thought. Some of the most famous online shopping sites are not Word Press sites and are built on the normal platforms. While you want to customize a coding of your own than HTML would let you do that.

While you want to fabricate a site at a low cost and need it to be the most intuitive outline then the Word Press surpasses typical sites. You require not be stressed over the security threats, unless and until you have chosen to open up a web shopping portal.


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