Facebook optimization


Just for a minute, leave aside all the logistics, figures; forget about all the interactivity, plug-ins, apps and API’s and answer this!

What if you knew:

• Where your relevant chunk of audience was spending its time,
• How do they want to interact with you,
• Which way can you integrate them in your product development cycle,
• How can you fetch some real-time feedback for effective modification,
Would you still stay away?


• 1.13 Billion Daily Active Users
• 300 Million Pictures Uploaded, Every Day
• 3 Million Active Fan Pages
• Over 1 Million Websites With Facebook Integration.
• Like & Share Buttons Viewed Across 10 Million Website Daily.

Facebook is the leading Social Media Networking Site and therefore it gives you a pool of opportunities to establish your active presence online no matter whether you are a store/service provider that is online, offline or both. With this, you will be able to conduct with the audience, conversations that are more real and human as compared to those regular scripted and technical conversations.


Any relationship would need you to invest your time, presence and effort. You need to make your presence felt; listen to what the other person has to say and talk to them. Not just listen, but you also need to reflect and work on what the others have shared to accommodate the needs of your clients.
And ExploreBox helps you in doing so.

To help you get established on Facebook , we – create profile; source content; update posts and detailed reports. We don’t just help you in initiating a conversation but we monitor and participate in it too. We also help you to know and understand what your audience is saying.



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